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Snake Oil

by The Darts (US)

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SNAKE OIL by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved V1 take another pill, if you will another sip from the wishing well make you all right, all night keep a hand on the steering wheel C snake oil, get the venom in you fist fight, had it coming didn’t you late night, bad love on the menu snake oil’s gotten into you V2 forget the names, and the days debts and broken hearts in your wake where’s the spinning hand gonna land just another night to erase B give me another kiss tell me i’m not a mess it’s gonna be okay you’ll wake up next to me in every little pricey vial a world of stories left to tell snake eyes don’t fall in love snake oil’s potent stuff
Spy Girl 01:45 video
SPY GIRL By Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved V spy girl you don’t need a gun you don’t need a private jet you don’t need those diamonds stand behind the counter with your heavy glasses on run their credit cards and copy all the numbers down C spy girl spy girl V spy girl don’t put on that gown or the pleather jumpsuit they expect to prance around fade into the woodwork and they’ll never see you come no one will suspect a secret agent who’s so common V spy girl keep your cellphone on maintain your secret clearance and avoid martini bars normal women are invisible to ignorant male charms don’t get their attention and you’ll get just what you want
Love Tsunami 02:24
LOVE TSUNAMI By Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2022 All rights reserved. V1 done with surfer guys ogling bikini size swimming in your stormy eyes on the beach I fantasize crashing on my world raging east and west hurricanes of happiness C love tsunami surf it drown me love tsunami swirl around me love tsunami oh surround me love me love me tsunami V2 grins and he starts me up wrong but he’s got the stuff slick as a jellyfish take me I give up V3 breast stroke butterfly don’t care if I get tired back stroke flutter kick freestyle on your **
UNDER THE GUN by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V1 eye on the prize didn’t see me coming you won’t survive hard as you try i was born with something harder inside thought i’d curse you thought i’d crumble traps and trips you thought i’d stumble C under the gun i come in under the gun i’m still number one under the gun you thought you won i come in under the gun V2 is that all you got heard you’re top of the heap how’s it feel now baby bet you’re wondering how you were swept off your feet don’t I drive you crazy thought i’d curse you thought i’d crumble traps and trips you thought i’d stumble
Pink Slip 03:04
PINK SLIP By Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V1 you’re misbehaving you know better than that i’ve finished your training you’re still bad you’ve kept me waiting then jumped the gun again not getting how my heart gets broken don’t let that glass door spank you C i’m handing you your pink slip the end of your power trip played one too many sick tricks bet you have never seen a pink slip V2 forget who’s in charge forget your place in my world no more keys to the car or fancy club privileges no more late night calls or pleas for benefits you’re on your own now you did this to yourself box up your photos and we’ll escort you out B the look on your red face threatening to bring me down i’ve got the keys to this place blacklist you in this town dance in your empty space snow angels on the beige low pile carpet
Love Song by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V i’ve got nothing to lose nothing to gain let me love you you can’t follow me home even show me the way but I could love you don’t let them into your head let me get into it instead C now I’m living in color speaking in riddles singing in rhymes trying to keep it together making no future ignoring the signs i just love you V2 an unfortunate game you and I play let me love you don’t you fight me to go i’ll effing stay see I love you yeah don’t let them into your head let me get into it instead B no I don’t overreact i don’t play up the act i’m not chasing the dream you’re just my fantasy
YOU JUST LOVE YOURSELF by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V they all ran away left you to your own devices trying to make your way on dark beaches and empty houses you broke their windows trying to get into their souls you pulled your charm around you til it stretched thin like taffy C can’t see past your own lips can’t hear but your own words can’t love can’t love can’t - you just love yourself V we all fell for the magic we all hoped we’d found at last a highway out of tragic traffic a bridge above our own wrecks so much for faith again so much for love again so much for breaking open this beaten forgotten piñata of a heart again B the giant amphitheater you built for yourself echoes with your screams and no one else
Underground 03:34
UNDERGROUND by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2022 All rights reserved. V1 let her run around she’s gotta get out more gotta learn the angles if you wanna walk straight you know barefoot under boulevards you taste the absinthe find the stairways hide in alleys beg your angels C underground meet me under underground underground follow me i’m underground V2 she can’t hide behind a beehive and bangs daddy’s combat boots momma’s stockings and mace 4 am the boulevard’s missing in action dance in darkened basement halls anti-fashion B stars don’t twinkle underground the ceiling’s black as night yellow eyes peer underground where kisses land like bites there’s no shortcut through the thicket tie your red hood tight all the wolves turn into pumpkins soon as it is light
Intersex 02:21 video
INTERSEX by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V1 he’s a mess but he rocks that dress he can sell it teasing, sleazing, he’s just what they need and they tell him booming voice and candy lips all vodka sodas and skinny hips yeah C standing at the intersection fly your flag erect the action intersection intersection intersex intersex V2 she’s a brain, if you play her game what she’ll show ya slip her alligator heels off take your time get to know her business suits and diet cokes a steady gaze obey your host yeah V3 pretty girls pretty boys pretty much how you want em love is dumb love is blind love is cheap once you got some we all become a slave to passion experiment or a vote for fashion
DONNE-MOI TOUT by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V1 je veux rester ici toute la journée c’est pas que j’ai peur du monde mais j’aime pas la lumière et le bruit, non je veux juste t’aimer longtemps C donne moi donne moi tout ce que tu as donne moi donne moi tout ton temps donne moi donne moi tout ce que tu as donne moi donne moi tout ton temps V2 restons chez moi et écoutons les disques de notre enfance et perdons-nous dans le son tout ici est bon je veux juste t’aimer longtemps
Black Eyes 03:02
BLACK EYES by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2023 All rights reserved. V1 eyes of blue i first saw you got black eyes now oh shame on you you broke a love so clear and true these darkened eyes of midnight blue C you turned these black eyes turned em blue now black eyes blue they’re watching you V2 jealous eyes of kelly green never could see what i have seen i wonder what i coulda been without the cage you loved me in B red the birds who flew me in now black crows on the windowsill orange dreams now charcoal-singed why’d you do the things you did why’d you do the things you did
Shit Show 02:21
SHIT SHOW by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) (c) 2022 All rights reserved V1 no horizontal lines no more entitled guys this is not what I signed up for done with the arrogance over the taste of it how did i build this mess what does it take to find action with piece of mind why is everybody spaced out everything’s a waste of time everything’s a straight line your outfit doesn’t look that hot i wanna drive fast i wanna outlast i wanna change up i wanna freak out C this is a shit show a shitty shit show it’s just a shit show a shitty show and i’m out V2 get me on the freeway gimme all the lemonade i’ve had it to here with losers learn a couple big words that’s what all those books are for i’m done with writing lyrics for posers i wanna drive fast i wanna outlast i wanna change up i wanna freak out
BRING IT BACK by Nicole Laurenne (BMI) hidden track spoken word by Jello Biafra (c) 2023 All rights reserved V1 is this a form of is this a form of fun for you oh it’s not for not for anyone else but you don’t you see don’t you see the squinted eyes don’t you realize realize we both lost the prize C bring it back you took my earth and sky my sun and moon when you left everything good in my life left too V2 nobody sees you nobody saw you slip no one remembers nobody heard the promises don’t you hear don’t you hear the whispering can’t you see me can’t you see what you’ve done to me


released December 9, 2022


all rights reserved



The Darts (US) Phoenix, Arizona

Garage-punk-rock grrls will make your head slam and your feet shake. And then there's the music.



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